Muscle Testing for Massage Therapists:
Touch for Health Kinesiology 2

In this class, you will learn 14 new muscle tests especially helpful for back pain. You will study acupuncture theory, including the law of the five elements, and will begin to understand more about how energy circulates through acupuncture meridians in the body.

You will use shortcuts to make your Touch For Health balancing faster and more permanent while learning to recognize and correct potential problems that could interfere with the process. You will also work with acupuncture holding points, new applications of Emotional Stress Release (ESR) and more advanced methods of pain relief.

This class will review and clarify the material that you learned in TFHK 1. Afterward, you will approach your work with new awareness, appreciation and excitement.

Prerequisite: TFHK Level 1

Core benefits

Increase skill with muscle testing, study 14 new muscles and deepen understanding of acupuncture principles.

Why take this two-day class?

By participating in this class, you will be able to:

  • Evaluate 14 new muscles and perform corrections as needed
  • Demonstrate proficiency in tracing acupuncture meridians
  • Discuss application of acupuncture holding points.
  • Demonstrate new applications of emotional stress release.
  • Discuss the application of circuit locating to both muscle testing and massage therapy.
  • Demonstrate expanded application of food testing and pain relief techniques


$250 early registration (includes manual) – This may vary with location

Continuing Education: 15 Contact Hours

“Muscle Testing for Massage Therapists: Touch For Health Kinesiology 2” is approved for the following:

  • Florida Massage Therapists – CE Broker tracking number is: 20-375798
  • NCBTMB – nationally certified bodyworkers and LMT’s in all the states that accept NCBTMB approval

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