Online Massage CE Classes

2020 gave me an opportunity to see the real potential of online massage CE classes. I had considered these a poor substitute for in-person courses until I experienced for myself the power of a well-designed, online curriculum. Looking over the faces of participants, some familiar and some not, I was really able to feel the cohesion of a like-minded group coming together for the joy of learning via Zoom. A well-organized online presentation has definite advantages over in-person classes and conferences, not the least of which include avoiding the expenses of travel and lodging while still enjoying a real-time, live connection with a favorite instructor.

My live broadcast classes are specifically developed for the online format. Theory and concepts are blended with hands-on practice performed on the learner’s own body or a volunteer. A practice partner may be required for some classes.

How it Works

I am currently using Zoom, however, my choices of technology and hosting may evolve over time. All of these classes will be “Live” and include questions, discussions, and feedback.  To enroll, please register and pay as you would with any of my classes. You will receive a confirmation when payment and registration is complete.  Before the day of the class, I will send a link and a password for you to join the seminar. See you online!

Individual Classes

For more training opportunities related to integrative massage therapy, please check out the other seminar categories on this site.
Happy Learning!


Randall W. Gibson is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Provider #325713-00)