Semi-Private Mastery Classes (SPMC) in Fairlawn, Ohio.

NEW!  Are you serious about learning? Tired of crowded classes?
Have you ever wondered how much more you could learn if there were only one or two students?

Now you can schedule a CE seminar focused on YOU!

  • Enroll with a friend or colleague to partner with through the entire training.
  • YOU choose your partner. YOU help choose dates and times. YOU set the pace
  • Class is composed of 2 participants and the instructor.
  • A small class means time for MORE material, MORE practice, and MORE individual attention.
  • No worries about the latest virus spreading through a room full of people.
  • More time to answer questions, and to tailor the class to YOUR goals and objectives.
  • The SPMC is not more “advanced” than the regular class and, unless stated in the description, there are no prerequisites
  • Current fee is only $50-$75 above regular seminar price (per person, per day).
  • A follow-up Zoom call one month later to address any questions or challenges is included.

Almost any of our seminars can be presented as semi-private mastery classes. Enrollment is limited to two students.
Location (for “in-person” classes) is Gibson Massotherapy in Fairlawn, Ohio. Lots of good food nearby and scheduling is easy!

Call or email to begin the process.

How it Works

  • Choose a seminar that you would like to attend in Fairlawn, Ohio (or an online class) and find a reliable friend or colleague who wants the same class. If you don’t have a friend or colleague, talk to me about it. I may know someone who is interested.
  • Looking for a partner? Post your request on the Polarity Healthcare facebook page:
  • When you have a partner, call or email to discuss available date(s) that would work for everyone.
  • We will decide together on date(s) and times. A payment option will be posted on the website. SPMC prices are posted alongside regular seminar prices on the specific seminar page. When both participants have paid, you are all set!
  • Location will always be Gibson Massotherapy in Fairlawn, Ohio.

Individual Classes

  1. Details are arranged by phone or email.
  2. Almost any Polarity Healthcare seminar can be requested and presented as a Semi-Private Mastery Class.
  3. The class will most often be filled as soon as it is scheduled (actually… before it is scheduled!)
  4. An EVENT will be listed when the class is scheduled for online payment purposes.

For more training opportunities, please browse the other seminar categories on this site. Happy Learning!


I appreciate the smaller class size and how you keep the class interesting.
I appreciate the positive, encouraging, and welcoming energy of your teaching methods. Thank you!
Dawn Hayes, LMT

Randall W. Gibson is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Provider #325713-00)