The Meridian Connection

Meridians can empower your bodywork and improve clinical results! What if you could skip the non-essentials, simplify the philosophy, and focus on material you will be able to use in your office on Monday morning?  If that sounds appealing, join us! This two-day seminar will take the mystery out of meridians.

We focus on applying acupuncture concepts to massage therapy assessment and treatment. You will become familiar with some acupuncture points but the real emphasis is on the meridian itself. You will learn to trace fourteen meridians from memory and discuss the associated muscles, organs, emotions, and pathologies.

On the second day, you will learn about categories of acupressure points including entry and exit points, front mu and back shu points, and command points.  Working with these points will deepen your understanding and comfort level with the meridian pathways. It sounds like a lot of material but the content of this class is structured to meet the practical needs of massage therapists.

Expect to become comfortable locating acupressure points as well as using combinations of points to treat meridians, organs and systems. We will use intention as well as physical stimulation in this approach. Our own personal meridian systems will be balanced several times throughout the weekend and we will finish by practicing assessment and treatment in triads. If you keep hearing about meridians and wish you understood them better, this is a rare opportunity to increase your confidence and therapeutic effectiveness by spending two days immersed in them.

This seminar is a perfect complement to classes in muscle testing or Touch For Health Kinesiology. The material will also be appreciated by practitioners of chi gung or tai chi. These practical concepts and hands-on techniques are useful for anyone who is interested in meridians and health.

Core benefits

Develop basic skill at locating, evaluating and treating 14 meridian channels from traditional Chinese medicine.
Develop basic skill at locating, evaluating and treating major acupuncture points.

Why take this two-day class?

By participating in this class, you will:

  • Learn to locate and trace fourteen acupuncture meridians
  • Learn a technique called “meridian walking” for acute pain
  • Study muscles, organs, emotions and pathologies relating to each meridian
  • Learn how to use meridians in clinical assessment
  • Learn how to treat meridian imbalance with massage techniques
  • Learn how acupuncture concepts apply to any clinical bodywork practice
  • Practice meridian exercises and self-treatment
  • Practice locating, evaluating, and treating acupuncture points
  • Learn to use entry and exit points for balancing meridians
  • Learn how to use front mu (alarm) points and back shu points to treat organs
  • Learn the most powerful treatment points for common conditions
  • Learn how to easily integrate acupuncture points into massage practice


$350 early registration (includes manual) – Prices may vary with location – Semi-Private Mastery Class – $450

Continuing Education: 16 Contact Hours

“The Meridian Connection” is approved for the following:

  • NCBTMB certified therapists and LMT’s in states that accept NCBTMB approval.
  • Florida Massage Therapists (CE Broker Tracking #: 20-591507)

“This class was great! I learned a lot and it exceeded my expectations.”
Jasmine Abdallah, LMT

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Randall W. Gibson is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. (Provider #325713-00)